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MMPAC delighted the Ladies with an entire Holiday Program


Bingo is a favorite activity and we play every other week!



The Record Street Home is filled with activity!  People from the Frederick community provide musical programs, crafts, organized activities that involve the residents and promote physical and mental health developing a sense of community.  Some examples include:

  • Local musicians and dance studios for inspiring and entertaining the Ladies.

  • Religious programs include monthly ministerial services, and communion for various denominations;

  • Shuffle Board, Wii bowlingBingo and fun-with-words games;

  • Discussion groups such as Great Decisions and Book Club;

  • Shopping trips;

  • Guided walks in the park and along the Creek;

  • Sing-a-longs and Bell Choir;

  • Storytelling, movies, and travelogues;

  • Exercise sessions; 

  • Visits from the Therapy Dogs;

  • Crafts and painting.


Traditions have always been a part of the ladies' lives at Record Street, but they have assumed various forms over the years.  There are annual activities unique to the Record Street Home, including:

  • The Strawberry Festival in June; 

  • Game Nights

  • Special activities on "Second Saturday"   

  • Big/Little Sister Annual Announcement Party

  • Founders' Day Tea

  • Santa's Visit and the Holiday Party

  • and an ever present Puzzle Table.


And we have a lovely garden for outside relaxation

and enjoyment.

Participation in activities is encouraged but not mandatory.

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