Every two weeks, Monthly Managers lead Bingo games .


The Annual Strawberry Festival has been a tradition at Record Street for decades!


Residents enjoy a performance by the Bell Choir. Record Street also has its own bell choir, with practices every week.



The Record Street Home is an active place!  Key parts of the Record Street Home experience are the many activities that involve the residents and promote physical and mental health.  A sense of community  develops from the many organized activities as the residents gather and share

  • musical programs, lectures, and presentations by people from the Frederick community;

  • religious programs include Bible studies, monthly ministerial service, and communion for various denominations;

  • Wii bowling;

  • Bingo and fun-with-words games;

  • discussions groups such as Great Decisions;

  • shopping trips;

  • guided walks in the park;

  • sing-a-longs;

  • storytelling, movies, and travelogues;

  • exercise sessions; and,

  • crafts.


Traditions have always been a part of the ladies' lives on Record Street, but they have assumed various forms over the century. Donation Day was an important event every October when Fredericktonians would bring everything from hominy and kraut to pickles and preserves to help fill the pantry for the coming year. Canning, too, was done on the premises, often with residents helping, until state regulations forced both activities to a halt.  Yet, there are still traditions and activities unique to the Record Street Home, including:

  • The Strawberry Festival each June; 

  • monthly social hour;

  • “Late Sleepers' morning breakfast;” and,

  • special entertainment on "Second Saturday" each month. 


A puzzle table is always up and craft projects are often in progress. 

Computers are available for games, email, and Skype.


Participation in activities is encouraged but not mandatory.